JOYO MARK (HONG KONG) CO LTD is started as JOYO MARK CO LTD’s 100% invested first oversea operating trading company in year 1994 when OEM company shift their production to China after collapse of bubble economy.
We had been cooperated with local printing company which procurement Japanese made material and leading their quality level to customer’s requirement over Hong Kong’s vibrant society with business expansion.

In the 21st century, production rapidly shifted from Japan to China under the foreign investment policy by Chinese economy reform and it also led and the changes to the vibrant society in China. In that ages, JOYO MARK (SUZHOU) CO LTD is established in year 2002 as the first group company of JOYO MARK (HONG KONG) CO LTD’s 100% investment. Generally, Foreign invested company is not easy to gain the print lincense in China, however, we could done it by 100% self invested company is our proud of achievement.

In year 2006, we established Shenzhen Factory as processing factory and this result led the cost, delivery and quality’s satisfaction as well as environment assurance. In year 2012, Shenzhen Factory is independent as JOYO MARK (SHENZHEN) CO LTD by print license acquisition.
JOYO MARK (SHENZHEN) CO LTD is function of JOYO MARK (HONG KONG) CO LTD’s factory even this independent and they also have a window of Renminbi Sale.

JOYO MARK (HONG KONG) CO LTD was engaged with exporting to south east Asia region in the long term in this Hong Kong’s FTZ advantage, however, in the result of raising labour cost, many companies stated the production shit from China to south east Asia, at the same time, the DPS (Domestic Part Supply) demands are raising at the each local market. In this chance, we established JOYO MARK (VIETNAM) CO LTD in the suburb of Hanoi, Vietnam as the first 100% own invested company in south east Asia’s region.

We expect we will play a important role of production in ASEAN when the ASEAN’s elimination of tariff in the future.
JOYO MARK (HONG KONG) CO LTD and JOYO MARK (SHENZHEN) CO LTD will be the important role of window in China that expecting further development in the future and the bridge of south east Asia.